The "FROMANTEEL GLOBETROTTER" Series- Designed for the travelling gentleman.

"A Globetrotter doesn’t travel for pampering or leisure - He travels for experiences and opportunities. The fun aspect of being a Globetrotter lies in continuously seeking out the most unique attractions, traveling through international airports towards the most gorgeous jam-packed cities and culturally enriched destinations."

Hereby an overview of the Globetrotter Series, designed for the traveling gentleman.

Fromanteel - Globetrotter- Watch

THE CALENDAR The Globetrotter Series Calendar is a watch with tough looks. Its well-shaped stainless steel case gives it soft edges whilst the correctors are small and perfectly shaped to make sure they are part of the watch as details.

Fromanteel Mens Watch

THE GMT The Globetrotter Series GMT is the ultimate travellers companion. The watch is especially designed to display a second time zone that gives the timepiece an extra dimension.

Fromanteel GMT Watch

THE GLOBETROTTER CHRONO The Globetrotter Series Chrono is a watch inspired by the traveling gentleman. Created to give as much information as needed, The Chrono has a well thought appearance, bearing all the functions of a chronograph, which will support the Globetrotter when he needs to keep track of time.

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